While the men rested, Sparian was examining a mural on the wall. Two knights of the Amber Plains, distinquishable by their armour, were repelling a kind of creature that Jace had come to know too well. Necrophages. The insect-creatures had become far more prolific in the years follow the Reincarnation, as the once-vigilant legions of Calimdar were thrown into despair and disarray. Hopefully, the discovery that awaited them in these ruins would be the first step in reclaiming the power their people used to have. Jace knew not if any of that mattered to their guide, who was studying the damage done to the mural by the passage of time. “A truly fascinating place, and well preserved to boot.”
Jace turned to regard the scrawny guide. “Indeed. It has shown us much of the difference between the then and now.”
The man adjusted his spectacles. “Sadly no artefacts though, and if the size outside is any indication, there’s very little left,” he gave a low sigh and looked back to the men talking in small groups in the center of the chamber, “Your lord might have to be disappointed.”
The captain could not resist a short echoing chuckle. “Ah, on the contrary, mister Wolkin. I believe the final chamber to be the most interesting. The life’s work of one of our foremost generals from the years after the Reincarnation.”
The guide raised his eyebrows at this. “Interesting. You have made no mention of this before now. I must admit I do not know much of the nobility in that era.”
He is somewhat of a legend among some of our people,” he pointed behind him, down towards the assembled group that was now preparing to move out again. “So I will not unduly excite the men by a casual mention. When I have confirmation, trust that I will talk further.”
The hallway terminated at 2 large wooden doors. The wood looked to be quality worksmanship, but the years past and the effects of Dust had rendered it unrecognizable. There was no keyhole, and the handle was merely a brass ring in the center of the 2 doors. At a nod from Jace, two soldiers forced the doors open, revealing the chamber beyond. Their objective, the center of the citadel. The chamber had used to be the warroom of the citadel, where the officers planned the deployment of their knights. There were still chairs and tables strewn around, but all the valuables like charting tools or markers had been brought with them when they left. But in the center of all this, in a space obviously cleared of debris, stood an object that must have been added since the settlement was abandoned. A stone coffin, made in the local cemetary judging by its insigna. And the Dust-flows in the room were very different from the rest of the settlement, in a different way from when they encountered the Haunts. They had found their objective, he was sure of it.


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