The gate before the citadel still stood, barring the way. Halbard called for axes and it was soon removed. The small courtyard within still held the small buildings that had been used by the knights. A small forge hid from the drizzle beneath a small roof, and the stable still looked serviceable. The people must have brought the horses when they left the village, not that horses would have been much use to Jace and his men. Horses could sense the curious nature of their new bodies, and did not like it one bit. The doorway leading into the interior of the citadel had no door. Jace wondered what had happened that necessitated the removal of the whole door, but decided it was not important. The hallway beyond was well preserved; stained glass-windows cast the blue light in new shades, bathing the corridor in light.

Sparian could not contain himself. “Exquisite!” As their guide made to rush forward to examine the intact windows, Jace put an armoured glove on his shoulder, holding him back. ”Wait.” The remains of the stained glass-windows were indeed lovely and evocative, but Jace found it difficult to fully appreciate them. The Dust-flow in the hallway was different from the rest of the ruins. He could see that his second-in-command sensed it too. “Halbard, take two men and check the room behind us,” the lieutenant saluted and marched away, 2 soldiers behind him. “You and you, follow me. Rest of you, keep our guide safe.” There was a clatter of metal against metal as the assembled warriors saluted. Wasting no time, Jace continued on to the doorway, drawing his sword. He was glad to see that the dust-inlaid metal was unmarred from the, albeit scant, fighting during the journey to the ruins. The two soldiers following him carried spears and shields, as well as swords belted onto their waist-plate. The heavy armour necessitated by their condition would make a silent approach difficult, but if his suspicion was correct, sound would not be something to worry about. Slowly but surely, they entered the next chamber. While the floor of the circular room was littered with broken furniture and rubble, the ceiling was high, domed and filled with small holes where the architecture had not stood the test of time. Black, slimy blotches scattered throughout confirmed Jaces suspicions.

Haunts. The men of Calimdar were not a suspicious lot, but the eerie resemblance between the undying phantoms and the new form their people had taken was enough to cause worry and rumour among the smallfolk. Luckily, he had come with soldiers, not peasants. His lieutenant returned shortly after himself. The room behind was clear, and the weird disruption of the dust flow was clearly from the Haunt dwelling. But while the black slime, along with the disruption, left no doubt as their recent presence, the actual phantoms had not yet been spotted. The group moved cautiously forward, weapons out and shields up.


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