Autumn had truly arrived. The wind was howling and chilling, scattering the already-falling leaves about the street. Not the most perfect weather for a walk, but Graham had felt like he needed to get out of the apartment. During the last couple of weeks he had been having a weird feeling whenever he was in, like he wasn’t alone. Maybe he just needed to change the sheets. The park seemed empty except for him. He had not seen nor heard anyone else since entering, which is frankly what he preferred. A gust of wind picked up the debris around his feet, slapping his face and his clothes with wet leaves and filling the air with the scent of fall weather. There it was again. The feeling of being watched. Looking around him, he saw that he had arrived on the far edge of the park. Houses clustered the border, fronts facing toward the street beyond. But most of them had windows. Scanning the houses, he saw plenty with lights turned on, but none in the windows facing him. Was that curtain moving? Maybe, but he didn’t want to hang around to find out. As he turned around, he almost tripped, catching his balance just in time to not plant his face on the gravel road. Leaves were still being blown in all directions by the wind. Catching his breath, he shrugged and began the walk home. A cup of tea or cocoa would go down well. Had he turned around then, he would have seen the storm of leaves catch on something, resting on some invisible object in the air behind him.


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