In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Handwritten.”

Last time I wrote something by hand? These kind of ‘last time you did x’ always seem to arrive at unlucky times.

Last time i wrote something by hand was last night. I was in the common kitchen of my apartment floor, getting a midnight snack, when I noticed we were running low on baking foil. We have a list for writing stuff that needs to be purchased, so I did. But all the pencils in the kitchen were, frankly, garbage. Last time they had been sharpened, the month started with a J. So i grabbed my sharpener and set to work, writing a test sentence piece by piece with each pencil when it seemed sharp enough. It has been a while since last that I wrote with a pencil. Usually i use pens when notetaking or working. Forgot how enjoyable a simple pencil can be.


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