In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Forever Young.”

Given the choice, I would refrain from drinking from it. Eternal youth would be handy, but eternal life not so much.

It would depend on which ‘kind’ of Fountain of Youth is in question. It’s a bit like saying ‘theres a dragon on the loose’. Okay, what kind of dragon?

An ‘actual’, western, dragon with 2 forelegs, 2 hindlegs and a pair of wings?

An asian dragon, with a similar number of legs but no wings?

A Dungeons & Dragons-style black dragon that resembles a western dragon, but breathes acid instead of fire?

A Smaug-like dragon that not only is massively strong and can breathe fire, but can also work magic about as easily as we talk? ( which, to be fair, the black dragon also can )

The gist of it all is that it very much depends on what kind of mythological object, and origin, is being talked about. Since it’s likely to be a western Fountain of Youth, you’re not likely to run the risk of eternal life.


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