Robo-Cuppa – Indepentional

Richard stared out the high window. It was a nice day outside, not that you would know it in the stuffy lecture-hall. The kettle was taking a long time to finish boiling. Today of all days. Bing. There we go. Carefully he reached out with his left hand, the metallic fingers grasping the tea-bag rather more tightly than he’d prefer. He used to use leaves, but they had been deemed possibly to difficult. Maybe some other day. He carefully lowered the bag into his cup, taking care not to move his hand too quickly. No point in breaking another cup. Bag in, time for the water. Firmly grasping the kettle with the specified limb, he slowly pivoted his arm until it was pouring straight into the cup. He could rotate his hand independently, but he didn’t trust that just yet. No spillage this time either. It was going well. There was only just enough water to fill the cup, so no need for precision there. For the milk, however, they had just supplied him a carton. 1 pint of milk would be far too much, so he would have to be careful. The condensation on the carton made it slightly harder to grip than he thought it would be, but he managed the precision well enough. The rapid motion had caused the milk inside the carton to splash about, but none had escaped the container, so now for the sugar. A single sugar cube, and don’t scatter sugar all over the trolley. A small pair of tongs had been provided, but it was tiny. Instead he opted to simply grab a cube with his fingers. Hygiene wasn’t exactly an objective of the test. He’d left the spoon in the cup, after all he wasn’t terribly worried about being burnt. The repeated motion of stirring was the one of the few things he found to be easier than before. Firmly grasping the cup, he raised it to his lips. He’d have to wait a moment, it was still steaming. Slowly, he took a sip.

“It’s good.” The lecture hall of the Robotic Prosthetic Appreciation Society erupted into cheers.


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