Kraitkin #2 – Origins of Legends

“That was unexpected.” Oinula was behind him, her dark-blue wings undulating slowly in the current.

He had known she was creeping up behind him but still affected surprise. “What have I told you about running off on your own?”

She raised a hand slightly, while keeping out of sight, as though chastising someone. “Young largos aren’t given Masters so they can run off on their own,” She held up the shark-tooth dagger she had fashioned herself, its hollow tip dragging a slight pink trail through the water. “But you also told me to experiment, so I did.”

Marazan recognised the colour immediately. “Redeye venom. So the armour-fish was your doing.” Outside their little hiding hole, the armour-fish was lazily swimming back to its lair and the krait procession was slowly starting to move again.

“Indeed. I was hoping it would show us something about the strength of their guards, but no such luck, apparently.” His apprentice pouted slightly, carefully cleaning the envenomed dagger then sheathing it.

Marazan looked about for their way to follow the procession. “Their leader is one of the largest krait I have ever seen, but otherwise their guards seems unremarkable. But I guess with that prophets ability, if it extends to all marine life, they would not need protection from the ocean life.” With a route forward found, Marazan signaled Oinula forward. Losing track of the procession would just be lazy.

As the two largos and their targets wound their way slowly along the ocean floor, Marazan kept a careful watch on the krait captain. He was, without a shadow of a doubt, the largest krait he had ever seen, though had belittled it so his protegé would not get unduly excited. She was already focused on the prophet. The life of the oceans still avoided the procession, but it never had to stop to fend off some wild beast. He could only wonder as to the purpose of bringing the prophet out here into the middle of nowhere.

One day they almost lost the trail; With a close call the previous day they were hanging further back than usual, so when the procession turned from the straight line it had been following for a day, they just barely spotted the tail end swimming into a wide tunnel. Marazan was unfamiliar with this stretch of water, so where this tunnel led was anyones guess. Still, his protégé was as keen as ever to keep up the chase, so he decided to let her take point. Neither of them knew the area, and she could always benefit from more training. Even during her home training, tracking had been one of her foremost fields of potential, but like all young prodigies, she needed experience, practice and discipline to shape that talent into something consistent.


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