Those who X and those who Y – Indepentional

The advertisements faded away to reveal the CNN logo, hushing the family room to silence. Someone used the remote to increase the volume so that the family members working in the kitchen would be able to hear it too. The logo moved away, revealing a bald, pale man in a slightly disheveled business suit. None of the family recognised the anchorman, but they could hardly recognise each other, so that was hardly surprising.

“Good evening. This is Aaron Walker from CNN with tonight’s news. But first, an announcement from the World Health Organisation. I am sure that all of our viewers are painfully aware of the terrifying new disease that has swept the globe in the last few months,” the anchorman shuffled some papers while more bald, pale men walked about in the background, trying desperately to keep working, “Dubbed ‘The Binary Virus’ by African doctors when it was first discovered back in early April, there has still been no confirmed fatalities as a result of the virus, it has triggered massive riots and upheaval in several parts of the world, which we will report on later in the show. The symptoms are harmless, but questionably benign. On males it manifests in loss of bodily hair and loss of almost all pigmentation in the skin. For females, they lose all hair except on the top of their heads, and their skin develops extreme amounts of pigmentation, resulting in almost ebony-black skin. The WHO announced earlier today that the ‘Binary Virus’ has infected every known human on Earth.

There are now literally only two kinds of people.”


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