Who Knows – Indepentional

Ding dong. The doorbell chimed away as Harold hurriedly saved his work on the laptop. The courier certainly was in a hurry today, but so was Harold; he had been eagerly awaiting the package ever since hearing about the offer from his wife. 5 kilograms of pork sirloin for a very affordable price. He tried to hide his excitement as he signed for the package in the proffered gadget. The package was hauled out of the delivery van and into his garage. Each said good day to the other, and then Harold carried the box inside, closing the door. All of the meat had been carefully vacuum-packed, so he took most of it and put it in their freezer. But half a kilo of it was destined for the oven, a lovely slow-roasted dish ready for when the rest of the family returned home from work and school and whatnot. He had just closed the oven door when the doorbell rang again. Weird. Normally the household got no surprise visitors. Maybe it was a solicitor? Even with the sign up, a few still ignored it and went for the door.

Harold opened the door, ready to refuse whatever was offered. “Good say sir. I have a package for this address.” The young bald man held a pen hovering over a clipboard, ready to tick an item off.

“But didn’t you already deliver it, 15 minutes ago?” He was certain he had only ordered one.

“Can’t be, Sir. I left the office half an hour ago and you’re first on my list. Now, if you would sign here.” a similar gadget to the earlier delivery was presented.

Well, if the package was already here, then maybe there was no payment needed. He’d just take it then clear it up with the company later. “Erm, may I see the package first? I believe there has been a mistake.”

The younger man looked about him for a second before clipping the gadget back into his belt and walking around to the back of the van. He returned with a large cardboard box. The label carried both his name, address and the name of the company he had bought it from. Thinking back, he had not even checked the other package, he had been so excited. The gadget was proffered again.

Harold grunted slightly and signed an electronic gadget for the second time that day, holding the mysterious package in his hands as the delivery van left for its next destination. The package number on the label also matched the number he had gotten in the confirmation email. The other box was retrieved from the trash. The label on that one also had his address, but no other information matched the information he had been given beforehand. He took a picture of the incorrect label and attached it to an email to the company, asking why he had received 2 packages when he had only ordered 1. The answer was surprisingly prompt. They had only shipped one package to his address, and the information on the label did not correspond to anything in their database. They had no idea from where it had come, but it certainly was not from them.

As the meaning of the email became clear and the delicious smell of roasting meat was slowly emerging from the oven. Harold wondered exactly what had been in that first package, if it hadn’t been from the pork company.


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