Camoa #12 – Final Fantasy

“If you would verify that these items are the ones in question.” he said in a monotonous tone. The tome was leather-bound and decorated with embroidered images of a dragon, presumably Bahamut. The scepter followed the same motif, made of an iron core with a silvered dragon cresting the top. Both items matched their descriptions. “They are indeed the requested items.” A’Delia retrieved the pouch of gil from her pack. “This should cover the final payment as per the deal struck with my clan.” Philli accepted the pouch and emptied it onto the table, counting the contents meticulously. “Excellent, it adds up. The permit ownership is inside the book. I trust your clan knows the procedure concerning it.” the moogle got out of his chair and opened the door. “And that concludes the deal. It has been a pleasure doing business with your clan, madam.” Putting the tome and scepter into their respective containers, A’Delia left the shop, meaning to take a small walk about the streets before returning to the compound.

When she arrived back at the compound, she found Monid and Saska talking excitedly while pointing out different sections on a map of the lands around Camoa. “Has anything occurred?”

Saska answered without looking. “The city guard arrived with a mark for the clan specifically. They want the creatures we saw yesterday, your ‘wubaka’, hunted down, and we were given first right.” Monid shifted his seating on the bench so she could sit as well. “Old Karsak chose miss Kartel’s group for the job, but asked us to go along for support. We’re leaving at first light tomorrow.”


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