Camoa #11 – Final Fantasy

The atmosphere inside the building was a welcome change from the breeze-less heat of the streets. A few customers were browsing the wares, possibly a family. A’Delia wanted to get her task over with, so went straight for the counter. The young woman crewing the counter smiled at her as she approached. “Can I be of assistance, miss?”.

A’Delia placed the papers from her parcel on the counter. “I am here to pick up an item requested by my clan. The details should be in the papers.” The woman glanced through the parcel, before ringing a small desk bell on the counter. ”I am not allowed to handle items of this grade. I’ve called for Trustee Philli, he should be here soon.” the woman put the documents back on the counter and held a hand out to her left in lieu of pointing. “If you would wait at the counter to my left, Philli will handle your request when he arrives.” Sure enough, within a minute a moustached moogle arrived through a door and hoppep up on a stool in front of the counter A’Delia was waiting at. Extending a diminutive hand, he belted out a clearly practised introduction. “Good day, I am Philli, the Trustee of this particular branch of The Platinum Scales. What is the matter that I can assist you with?” Barely listening, A’Delia handed him the document. While twirling his moustache with one hand, the moogle carefully read the document, his pom-pom hopping about as he scanned the page. “Well, everything looks to be in order. If you would verify your clan membership…” A’Delia retrieved her clan badge from her shoulder-bag and put it on the counter. She knew well enough that her sash did not legally count as member verification. The moogle held a small magicite device over the badge for a moment, before putting the device away again. “Excellent, that also checks out. Now, if you would follow me back to the Requests-Office, we can finalise this deal. You can use the staff door to your right.” The moogle grabbed the documents and her badge and hopped down from the stool, small wings flapping slightly. Seeing no reason to objecting, A’Delia followed through the staff door, until they arrived in a dusty room filled with shelves stuffed with magical items of every description. A small desk sat in a corner, covered in a fine layer of dust. “I hope you forgive the mess, due to the nature of security at the Scales, cleaning the Requests-Office is a troublesome and resource-intensive task.” Philli held out a fairly generic chair towards her before sitting in a taller chair obviously meant for moogles. While A’Delia sat down, the trustee opened a drawer with a small key, referencing between her document and another piece of paper he took from the drawer, muttering to himself all the while. After a short while, he jumped off his chair and disappeared into the shelves. While waiting, A’Delia put the document describing the item she was to receive. When Philli reappeared, he was carrying a large tome as well as a scepter. Hopping back into his chair, the items were placed on the table.


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