Camoa #10 – Final Fantasy

A’Delia watched Monid leaving, musing that she was not as excited about her task as the bangaa almost certainly was. Owing to her status as the eldest of her kind in the clan, she enjoyed a greater ease of access to certain pieces of information regarding ongoing missions for the clan, so had some idea of what Monid would be getting out of this. If her own quest description was anything to go by, the item she would be retrieving would not be for her personal use. Nevertheless, it was a quest from Gremi Von Nalbina herself, so A’Delia gathered her waterskin and her walking-cane and set off. She had no physical need for a walking aide, but felt it lent her an air of sagacity that was always so useful in any city.

Inside her package she found 2 sets of documents, as well as a leather case for holding a large book and a fine leather holder for a scepter. According to the document describing her task, she was to seek out the Camoan branch of one of the very biggest traders of magicks outside Morabella, The Platinum Scales. Morabella was traditionally a city of mages and academies that a swarm of merchants had built their houses to support with goods, so was usually the prime city for anyone wishing to enrich their arsenal of magicks. Camoa, however, had a few tricks that the academies of Morabella could not equal. One in particular was so powerful that it was against the law of the city to sell it without a permit from Lord Ivasala’s court. And just such a permit had been granted to the clan just one month ago. The Morabellan compound had been quite busy and a magician had been needed for the journey south, so Gremi had sent her.

‘The Platinum Scales’ in Camoa was a sizable two-story building on the outer edge of the inner city. While it did not explicitly deny entry to denizens from the lower city, the prices would certainly discourage them. Large tinted windows allowed the inside to be lit up by the sun during the day, while bathing the inside in a curious blue-green light. The shops generally dealt in magicks and accessories for the practice of such, and it clearly pandered somewhat to vanity, for it had more silvered mirrors than any clothes seller she had seen in Morabella. Though, she had heard one story about the owner of the stores, that he had been taught in the use of magic by the Silver Dragon itself, Bahamut. A’Delia did not believe the story at all, but it might explain the fondness for silver as opposed to glass.


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