Camoa #8 – Final Fantasy

“What I want to know is how to get rid of them.” A brusque voice said behind A’Delia. A tall dark-skinned man with a bald head and a well-trimmed beard stood overlooking the table, clad in robes very similar to the uniform of the city guard, but this one had the hearth-in-walls symbol of the clan.

Saska stood away from the table and extended a hand towards the speaker. “Good evening, Ser Vishna. Looks like the last two years have treated you and yours well.”

“Indeed. I believe you have a package for me from Morabella.” The older knight responded. “If you would follow me, we will handle that in my office.” Quickly finishing his pint and grabbing his pack, Saska said good night to the table at large and followed.

With his assigned room facing east, Monid had no trouble getting up at dawn. While bangaa were used to heat, Monid specifically was used to cities like Sphrom and Morabella, both cities in high places with a temperate or outright cold climate. And the bangaa had never known A’Delia to miss a dawn, so they were both up and about when Saska went to find them.

“If you remember what Von Nalbina told us back in Morabella, we did not go to Camoa for the sole purpose of escorting miss Kartel. There were 2 items we were supposed to bring back with us, though we were not told what. Well, one of the topics me and old Karsak discussed yesterday were those exact items.” Saska placed two parcels wrapped in coarse linen on the table. One was a little over a meter long, but not very broad, while the other was shorter and broader. Each had a name written plainly on the linen, in the Morabellan language used for all official clan affairs. The longer one bore Monid’s full name, while the other one simply said “A’Delia”. “He said that once I had given you these, what to do with them and how to accomplish ‘the objectives’ would be up to you, though he would appreciate if you kept any official clan dealings strictly honourable. We’re not a Jagd clan, after all.” Saska took a sip from his waterskin. “Now, I will leave you two to it. If you want me, I’ll be either here in the compound or the shops around it. While we will be here a little while, it can’t hurt to investigate how to get our supplies for the homeward trip.” Finishing the ‘briefing’, the pathfinder left them, walking towards the clan offices.

Suspecting the contents, Monid used his sharp claws to quickly open the parcel. Contained within were 4 items; a gil-pouch with some two-thousand gil, directions to a shop in the outer city, a page describing the item and finally, a scabbard. It was good work, made from quality leather, a single topaz was inlaid in the brass throat. According to the description, the item in question was a style of knightsword known as ‘Ragnarok’. Monid had heard of the Ragnarok swords before, but had not thought the clan had tracked one down. The shop should be easy to find, given the directions and that they mentioned a very prominent shop-sign. Grunting a ‘good luck’ to the viera, he grabbed his own waterskin and set off.


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