Camoa #6 – Final Fantasy

While darkness had fallen on the Koringwood, it was as if Camoa would not hear of it. Lamps lit every street corner, even in the outer city. And with the sun down, the air was cooler, fresher. While shops were closing, inns, taverns and other eateries were only just opening. Saska’s belly grumbled, and from how Monid looked about as they walked, he must also be feeling famished. Only too acutely, he remembered that they hadn’t eaten since breaking camp that morning. Outside the city, he had been too preoccupied looking back towards the wood, and inside they had been on the move ever since arriving at the gates. He hoped A’Delia had arrived at the compound. With any luck, she had ordered enough for all of them. Following the instructions given, they arrived at the compound as the moon had appeared over the horizon. The clan symbol in silver hung above a sandstone arch. Clan members were milling about the yard, doing assigned tasks or relaxing in the chill evening air, so the timber gates were wide open. Following the style in the rest of the city, the yard was enclosed in sandstone walls. Normally this was mainly to separate the compound yard from the city proper, but with Ser Vishna in charge, the wall had been built to be easily twice as large as Monid. The 2-story main building at the far end of the yard was built facing south, so the main rooms, while not cool, would at least not be boiling throughout the day. In one side, a kitchen was set up to cater to clan members who were not away from the compound, as well as having the capacity to serve drinks and alcohol. Next to the bar the clans Quest Board was, having all the quests currently offered to ‘Hearth of Home’ especially. The other side was not open to visitors, and would contain the armoury, offices and living spaces for clan members.

While neither Saska or Monid had been to the Camoan compound before, the original team that Ser Vishna brought to Camoa had worked at the clan main-compound in Morabella, so there were a few known faces. But both Saska and Monid were starving and had spotted the vieran member of their troop sitting with heaps of food at a table close to the counter, so any greetings were answered curtly.

A’Delia’s gaze was focused on the closed door leading to the offices. Trying not to disturb her, Saska and Monid each gently dragged up a chair and grabbed a plate. The plates were piled high with meat and vegetables, so the two dug right in. After a few minutes, they had made good headways into clearing their plates and A’Delia lost her staring contest with the closed door and noticed them.

“I see you did not hesitate to grab your share. What if I had ordered it for my own person?” The vieran lent forward over the table and glared at the them.

After a hasty swallow, Monid showed he had not missed a beat. “If you had ordered them for yourself, they would look like your plate.” Indeed, the third plate on the table was almost all vegetables and fruit. Her bluff called, A’Delia smiled and grabbed her own plate. Silence descended on the table as the group cleaned their plates and emptied their glasses.


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