Camoa #5 – Final Fantasy

Saska felt for Noira. Ser Karsak Vishna was the appointed master of the clan-compound in Camoa. Previously a captain of the guard in the city-state, before Mistress von Nalbina had lured him to the clan life. He had been a constant in their clan leaders personal group before she had sent him back to the city of his birth to manage the clans first additional compound. After only 2 years since the appointment, the Camoan paladin had developed a reputation for being a quite strict leader, especially when compared to the rather matronly Gremi von Nalbina.

When the troop passed through the city gates, Monid leaned close to Saska. “The gate guards seemed overly eager to close up for the night. Figure they know about the patrol?” Nodding, Saska walked over to A’Delia(the vieran?) who was standing on her own, her large ears turning to and fro. “Sorry to disturb you, A’Delia, but could you follow miss Kartel to the compound? Me and Monid are going to report our findings to the guard captain.” The vieran woman briefly nodded back and resumed listening to the sounds of the outer city.

While Saska had informed the other half of their troop, the guards had shut the gate, so their replacements had arrived. So Saska and Monid could follow the stream of guards milling around a 3-storied building merged with the wall. The brown-and-green clothed ranger and the massive bangaa easily stood out among the sandstone-robed guardsmen, so they were quickly challenged as they approached the entrance.

“Halt. Who goes there?” A tall, dark-skinned man bearing the sandstone-robe of the city guard placed himself in their path. Saska and Monid both pointed to their clan symbol, a hearth enclosed within a wall, embroidered on their sashes. Monid spoke up before Saska could think of where to start.

“I am Monid Faas Sphrom, of the ‘Hearth of Home’-clan, and my partner here is Saska Hanjer, also of the clan. On leaving the Koringwood, we saw some foreign creatures. Mister Hanjer knows the details.” Seemingly taking this at face value, the guard turned to Saska, who recounted, for the second time in an hour, what he had seen the first time the group had tried to leave the forest.

“What you told us matches what we’ve heard from our border patrols.” The man did a short bow. “Thank you for the report, I shall personally make sure that it reaches the captains ears.” As the guard turned to walk into the barracks, Monid gently placed a claw on his shoulder, doing the sign of one expecting payment with the other claw, a sly grin on his face. “The City Guard is grateful, but I cannot pay in gil.” He replied sternly. “I can, however, practically ensure that the Mark contract will go to your clan first. Good evening.” The guard pushed Monid’s claw away and walked into the barracks. Their task complete, him and Saska made their way into the outer city to find the clan compound.


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