Camoa #4 – Final Fantasy

Saska turned back towards the summoner. “Go back along the path, tell Monid to wait until we either say otherwise or we start shouting.” Nodding, Noira silently began to tread back where she had come from. If Saska was to avoid immediate detection, he would have to avoid that blundering bangaa from mucking it all up. In a fight there were few others he would rather have on his side, but subtlety was not the templars strong side. When Noira had left his field of view, Saska motioned for A’Delia to stay put, and cautiously advanced towards the edge of the wood. After a short but agonizing time, he could now hear and see their quarry.

There were 3 of them, 2 of them squatting next to a pile of rubbish, with the 3rd standing guard. They were clearly not native woodland creatures, for the one on watch looked right at Saska, but if he saw him, he gave no sign. They looked like the wargen native to the northern part of the Aldanna range, but these were easily 3 meters tall, even in their hunched-over state, and had a purple hue to their fur. There was also another significant difference. They all carried vast metal weapons, falcatas fitting to their vast size. The 2 squatters must be eating, since Saska could hear the cracking of bone even from this distance. So maybe the pile was what remained of the patrol from Camoa. They hardly seemed very observant, so maybe they could sneak by if they tried further west. Taking one last look to ensure he had not been spotted, Saska crept back into the woods to find A’Delia and the others waiting quietly where he had left them. Monid had joined them, but the creatures hadn’t been alerted, so he didn’t mention it.

“Looks like you were right, A’Delia. They are remarkably similar to wargens, and are most definitely not native to the Koringwood. If we go west for about a kilometer, we should be able to get by them without confrontation. I’ll alert the guard once we’re there.” Shortly after, the troop was on the move again. This time, Monid had A’Delia place as second in line, so that Saska could at least help with eliminating the noise the armour-plated bangaa would cause. Noira kept her spot as third and A’Delia took up the rear. About an hour later darkness was starting to fall, and they had reached the farmlands surrounding Camoa. As they cautiously left the wood, the workers who did not live outside the city walls were gathering up their tools and heading for the gates. As the group marched, Saska relayed what he had seen before they had turned west.

When Saska had finished, A’Delia spoke up. “Violet of fur and like unto a wargen, you say. I might know a story that could hint towards the identity of our mystery beasts. But in the interest of our youngest friend,” The vieran nodded towards Noira, who was almost oblivious to the world around her, walking in front of the troop. “, I shall reserve the tale for after young miss Kartel has reported to Ser Vishna. She might be less of a nerve-wreck by then.”


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