Camoa #2 – Final Fantasy

They quickly found some badly hidden remains of a day-old camp. What clues they could find about the previous inhabitants simply indicated they had arms, legs and wore clothes, which in Jylland could still mean anything from humans to bangaa to goblins or brigands. True to form, Monid deposited their stock of firewood, did a short patrol then went to work cleaning his gear. With only 2 days of travel left before their destination, Saska had no need to go hunting, so could focus on getting the camp up with Noira’s help. The woman might not say much, but she could take instructions well. A’Delia sat down by the growing campfire and began writing in a small journal she had brought with her from Morabella. Saska knew not what she was writing, and had not enquired. He had traveled with the vieran mage before, so knew something of her curious ways. Same with Monid. They were both known factors in their journey, but the young Noira Kartel was unknown to him. The clan leader in Morabella had put their little troop together with the primary objective to escort her to their relatively new Camoan compound, so she must have some skill. Saska had seen no evidence for or against that suspicion. The evening passed with little event. Saska and A’Delia talked briefly about the stars above Camoa. While A’Delia knew a great deal about their spiritual and magical symbolisms, the viera knew little about their navigational uses, so Saska could at least contribute to the conversation. Monid grumbled about being so close to a comfortable bed, and yet so far. As always, Noira was quiet throughout the evening. Banditry was rare this close to the city, but Saska and Monid agreed that it would still be prudent to have a watch out. Noira took first watch, Saska second with A’Delia taking last, on the stipulation that Monid would carry her packs the following day.

Saska woke to Noira gently shaking him in his bedroll. “If I may have a short word with you, mister Hanjer, before the watch-change?”

Slightly baffled, Saska mumbled an affirmative, got into his coat and joined her at the edge of their camp. It was early fall, so the night was not exactly warm. The campfire had reduced itself to embers that gave no appreciable glow, but Saska had good night-eyes so he could easily see the summoner. “Did you see anything during your watch, miss Kartel?”.

“Nothing beyond the regular night-time animals. But my night-time observations are not what I wanted to tell you, mister Hanjer. About your comment in the Looking Wood. It is not that I have not enjoyed the company of you and the other clan members. It is just that most of the time, my attention is focused on the world around me, rather than my companions. To a summoner, the world is not a quiet place.” The young woman spoke while leaning on her staff.

“My knowledge about Jylland is mostly about the animals that live here and the land itself. I know little about spirits.” Saska answered truthfully. Learning the lay of the land and how to fight with a bow did not include a lot of spiritual knowledge.


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