Camoa #1 – Final Fantasy

“Camoa. It calls itself the Free City of the South, but for the average layman it is about as free as any human-ruled city-state in Ivalice. I guess if you compare it to Sprohm, but I digress. Ruled by Saitham Ivasala#, obviously of the Ivasala family that has ruled the lands around Camoa for over 500 years if you can trust the history books. Main exports, farming and fish-related foodstuffs and, curiously, specialised magical training and implements. On the whole, a good# city, though with an odd predilection# towards magical execution of major outlaws.” Saska swept his arm across the sight of the hillside-city the group had finally spotted on the horizon.

Monid’s hunched form planted the butt of his lance on a boulder cresting the hill. “Finally. I was beginning to doubt that we would arrive before my armour rusted away.” The bronze-coloured bangaa had spent every available evening of their southbound journey caring for his armour. Luckily his weapons were harder-wearing, or he would not have had time for anything else. As the groups pathfinder and ranger, Saska had spent his time charting their course and route, as well as supporting their provisions with whatever he could catch and forage on their travels. The 2 remaining members of their troop, A’Delia and Noira, had been largely responsible for keeping the camp and, as had quickly become something of an in-joke, keeping the navigation-inept Monid on the right track.

“If you had been on point, Monid, we would have arrived at Goug before we ever saw even a hint of the Koringwood.” A’Delia’s slow, sure voice heralded her arrival in the little forest-clearing Saska had found. Where Monid’s plate had required constant maintenance, the vieras travel robes had endured the journey with little fuss. Only the lower hem of the dark-green robe had any visible travel-stains, though Saska suspected the woman had used at least some of her magic to ensure this. His third and final travel companion had also entered the clearing but had said nothing. Noira Kartel had been polite if silent for the vast majority of their journey. The only time Saska had heard more than a couple of lines from her had been when they had stopped at a Mateus wayshrine for the evening. They had camped close enough to the shrine that Saska could hear her pray and converse with the shrine-guardians for several hours. The same people had supplied the group with a fine evening meal, along with a job-contract to send along with them to Camoa, so he had not complained.

Saska turned back towards Camoa, looking over the Koringwood from the hill. “Looks like you won’t have to endure our company for much longer, Miss Kartel. Camoa should be less than 2 days travel away, now that we’re at the Looking Wood.”

“Good work, mister Hanjer.” The young summoner answered back in her usual concise manner. The low, gravelly sigh afterwards could only be Monid. No matter. Saska had spotted no smoke trials in the woods ahead of them, and light was fading. They should set up camp.


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