Tick The Right Box – Indepentional

Bent chuckled. The big television-monitor in the entry-way was playing the various ‘advertisements’ for all the parliamentary election candidates, and his favourite was on. Lennart Niebel Poulsen, running for Minister of State. As he walked past, Poulsen’s tagline “Remember to tick the right box or else!” played. The generic rich-guy trying his hand at politics, quite a few younger candidates had initially attacked him for being too biased towards his rich friends and being egoistic as all hell. Poulsen had shown admirable humour in working the ‘attacks’ into his own advertising. But though he might admire the adverts, he still didn’t agree with the man. His vote would be going somewhere else.

He handed his admittance slip to a blonde-haired woman staffing one of the tables and went for an empty booth. It was early in the day, so there weren’t too many people. He could see they had added a little wooden panel at the bottom of the table so the slip didn’t, well, slip. Inspecting the slip, he found his candidate and set a little cross.

He didn’t quite understand what that weird click was until the trapdoor opened.


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