Dot Dot Death – Indepentional

The cameraman gave him the sign for ‘final checkup’, meaning this was it. He quickly checked his shoulders one last time and smoothed his hair down. The status-LED flicked to red.

“Hello to Aubrey and Carl in the studio, and everyone at home! We’re transmitting live from just outside the courthouse,” he gestured behind him in a quick motion. “where the notorious serial killer Bruno Tanger is being given his sentence as we speak!”

Reino followed the cue and began slowly walking forward, keeping the camera stable and focused on Lester. There were already quite a few journalists from other, smaller papers clustered around the entrance.

“As most of you will already know, this man has been responsible for the string of truly horrible murders committed through these last 2 months, with no rhyme or reason to be found. A week ago, the police had a breakthrough and were finally able to end this string of senseless killings!” Behind him, the doors to the courthouse opened briefly as 2 security guards crept out into the bright afternoon sun, scanning the crowd before muttering something into their radios.

“In just a moment, the detective in charge of the case until now will appear and tell us the results, so that we can all rest assured that this brutal story has had a happy ending.”

The doors opened again, and a portly man in a beige raincoat, like something out of Columbus, walked confidently onto the small podium, leaning forwards towards the many mounted microphones. Lester had personally made sure that their one was mounted and functioning before the cameras had even arrived. The detective cleared his voice and began.

“Bruno Tanger admitted to all 9 charges of homicide, bringing the case of the Chatroom Murderer to a close. He was sentenced to a lifetime in prison, but before that, he asked me personally to carry out his last wish.”

The shouting journalists fell silent. The detective folded out a small piece of paper and put on a slim pair of glasses.

“If you end your forum post with 3 periods, I will be back. And I’ll put 3 periods on your gravestone.”


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