Contact – Indepentional

The alarm clock started chiming just as he woke up. As his arm reflexively turned the alarm-app off, he mused that maybe he did not need that app for much longer. He had been using it for so long now that his sleep schedule was attuned to it. Staggering into the bathroom, he turned the sink on cold and splashed some in his face to wake himself and wash the sleep away. Looking himself in the mirror, he sighed. “Mathias, you really need that haircut.” It was almost to his nose now. On 2 separate occasions in this month alone, his brown, dull hair had gotten in under his contacts in the morning. Maybe he could do it himself, so he wouldn’t have to visit a hairdresser. Thankfully the dandruff wasn’t so bad these days. There was only one contact-lens left. Bloody hell, he muttered to himself as he rushed to his front door. Locked. “Fine, I’ll concede it this one time.” Walking back into his living room slash bedroom, he grabbed his dusty glasses, writing ‘contact lenses’ in neat handwriting in a notebook. So he would have to go glasses today. At least these days he could stay in. Back when he first got them, he had been bullied relentlessly for it. 4th grade had been a terrible time, what with glasses AND leaning to ride a bike. No peace at school nor home.

If the new lenses did not arrive by the next day, he promised himself he would call, see what’s up. “Now, time for some breakfast.” Last time grocery shopping had been 2 days ago, so there should still be some stuff in the fridge. Slice of bread with cheese. A boring but reliable staple. Today was a study day, but before he went into the deep end, he’d watch a bit of YouTube, get the brain going that way. He’d watched the video the previous night. Hadn’t finished it, though he could not recollect why. Ah yes, that was why. There had been a joke about glasses. 5 minutes in, he turned it off again. Dragging his books out with a sigh, he set some relaxing music on and got to work. Studying on its own was not too bad. Lectures and exams, however. Whenever he raised a hand or chipped in on a discussion, the room would go quiet and everyone would stare at him to shut up. Invariably worked, too. So he did as much as he could alone.

4 hours went by at their own pace. Certainly not his pace. It was a few hours past midday. Maybe some of the others would be online. He’d just avoid mentioning the glasses.


2 thoughts on “Contact – Indepentional

  1. The result of another writing exercise from OpenLearn. Tried writing a situation with myself with some noticeable change, so I would like to say that what’s said in the story is in almost all cases not how I actually feel about anyone or anything. The exception might be being quiet in lecture. I am garbage at asking questions.


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