Kudzu #43 FINAL – Origins of Legends

The corridor outside the chamber was filled with the diminutive asuras, mostly standing around confused as the alarm blared through the lair. He wanted to kill them, make them pay for what they had done. But Siriins voice held him back. Escape was more important than vengeance. She knew the way out. It was burned into her memory. The asuras were panicked enough that he encountered no resistance beyond a few gates. Siriins awesome power rendered them into rubble. Soon enough he was emerging from the cave, the lair of the asuras left smoking and devastated in his wake. Here Siriin could offer no more guidance, but he remembered the way to the settlement well enough. He arrived back at the gourd-like building in good time. Within the thorny fence, all the patrol groups were gathered. He and Siriin could not agree whether it was good or horrible timing. As he approached the building, the gathered sylvari crowded around him, many of them asking about the exceptional weapon in his hand. Dohar held the bow up before him, the figurine of Siriin catching the midday sun perfectly. “It is Kudzu, a boon from the Pale Tree.” He stowed the weapon away again, silently apologising. “I need to speak to your captain,” The blue sylvari stepped through the crowd around him. “With no onlookers.”

The captain nodded slowly. “Everyone else, back to your work. If the asurans come looking, I want to know.” The crowd dispersed, the patrol groups quickly moving back into the jungle. Omanna turned back to Dohar. “Follow me, I have an office of sorts at the top.”

As the ascended the ramp, he removed the bow from its sheath, holding it at his side. The office was understandably sparse, a couple scrolls on a black panther furs on the floor and some stoppered gourds in a corner.

The captain sat down on one of the furs. “I hope you will excuse the lack of furniture. We have not had any other caravans come to our settlement yet, and our crafts-folk have not had the time to themselves to make any.”

He sat down heavily on the other fur. “I found Siriin.”

The surprise was plain on her face. “What? Where is she now, is she still in the lair?”

Dohar held the bow out towards Omanna. “Hold it in your own hands, she will show your herself.

While she clearly did not understand, she carefully accepted the weapon. As she held it, the silence in the room grew more acute. He could see in her eyes that she was experiencing something like what he had seen when he had found it. Eventually she handed it back slowly. “I see,” the captain held a hand to her head, a pained expression on her face. “If only we had known.”

He laid the bow in his lap. “You had no way of knowing. The lair was heavily damaged, you should have an easier time in the region for a while.”

Omanna slowly nodded. “Thank you Do-,” she held up a hand in apology. “Thanks to both of you. If I might ask, what will you do now?”

Dohar looked down at the figurine. “We each have a promise to keep first, but then we’re leaving.”

“Leaving where?”

“Leaving the Maguuma entirely. There is a whole other world out there, beyond the jungle. Mother will have to track us down if she wants to use us further.”


Dawn came. Omanna sent a patrol group south to send word to the Grove of their situation now that they had time, and Dohar followed them for a while. Eventually they came to a fork in the road at the edge of a familiar clearing. As the farewells had been said, he turned to look at a familiar stone-walled garrison, a raven-haired human waiting on its walls.


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