Kudzu #41 – Origins of Legends

He found an empty room and dumped his belongings in a pile. The bed was more comfortable than what he had gotten used to since leaving the Grove, but still he could not sleep.

Ever since his Awakening, he had thought that he was connected to all the essential elements of his Dream, that he would somehow sense their presence. Now, lying in a bed, looking into an empty ceiling, a starlit sky in the open window, he was not quite so certain.

The evening dragged on, eventually lulling Dohar into a troubled sleep.

He was in the jungle. 2 long vines stretched into the darkness around him. One was thin and slowly withering, but covered in beautiful pale leaves and white flowers in full bloom. The other was supple, fat and full of life. Covered in glistening dark-green thorns. The flowered vine was cradling him gently, almost as if afraid to crush him. As he watched, unable to move or shout out, the thorny vine crept up to him, the flowered vine retreating from its presence. It wrapped itself around his legs, his waist and his arms, forcing them to move like some puppet. Every time the other vine would attempt to get closer, the thorns would deter it. Slowly, he could see it encroaching on his vision, changing his sight. The last he saw with his own eyes was something new explode from the jungle around him. A burst of light. His vision and body was his own again. The new arrival was yet a third vine, a whirl of blue and green. Full of its own life like the thorned one, but also covered in beautiful pale flowers. Its touch had driven the thorned vine away, sent it dragging itself away into the darkness. The thin vine was still there, unafraid, but it no longer attempted to get closer either. But the new vine could only just touch him. It was too far away to do anything else. He could sense that it was close, that he could find it. He woke well before dawn. He could still feel its presence, like a soft leaf brushing against his cheek. Gathering his things as fast as he could, he left the gourd-house. He was on the edge of the settlement going west when a voice stopped him.

“Leaving so soon?” Turning around, he saw the captain Omanna looking curiously at him, bow strapped to her back and sword belted to her waist.

Dohar nodded, oblivious to the darkness around him, making the gesture almost invisible. “I have to. Something is calling to me.”

The captain sighed. “As long as it’s not an asuran elemental, I won’t try to stop you. Just be careful, your Hunt won’t protect you.”

The jungle was dark and silent. Even the animals that would usually be active in the night were quiet. Dohar appreciated it at first, the feeling was weak and faint, difficult to focus on. But as his march dragged on and the feeling grew, so did his unease at the silence. The Maguuma was not usually nearly as silent as this. It was not right. Eventually he found a large cave entrance. The feeling was intense now, a strong heat just behind his shoulders. He was blind to the asuran creation before it was too late.


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