Kudzu #40 – Origins of Legends

He had suspected as much, but the confirmation still struck him. He sat down on a stool beside the captain. “Do you know anything else?”

Omanna shook her head. “Another of our number, Roanne, was abducted at the same time. Beyond that, we know nothing of what has happened to them since they were taken from us.” The captain turned her attention back to grooming the fern-hound. “We do know that the creatures who attacked us are some sort of stone elemental, controlled by the asura.”

“The asura? I thought they were our allies.”

Omanna looked at him again, single amber eye glinting dangerously. “I don’t know about that. On the few occasions that we have defeated one of the creatures, it has opened to reveal one of the diminutive creatures. Sadly neither speaks the tongue of the other, so they could not tell us anything.”

Dohar felt tired. He had marched for over a month to find someone he had never met, to stop some obscure plan he knew little about. All for nothing. “Can I stay in your settlement for a while? I know not where to go.”

He could see that the captain tried to look kind, but her naturally harsh appearance made it difficult. “Of course. I can hardly ask you to help our patrols right away, but come tomorrow you’ll have to help, same as everyone else,” She pointed at the gourd-building. “Find an empty room, there should still be a few. Our settlement is not very large, so you should be able to find me if you need to.”

Dohar thanked her and walked off, looking to find a place to sleep.


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