Kudzu #39 – Origins of Legends

As he mentioned the name, sadness took over their expressions. The auburn one sighed gently. “Omanna will want to talk with you then. She should be in the settlement. We will take you there.”

Judging by their reactions, Dohar did not have high hopes.

Their settlement was not far away. An hours brisk walking through the forest and they arrived at a thorny fence surrounding a large gourd-like plant, with open holes closed with wooden doors. It reminded him immensely of the Firstgrown from the Grove.

The patrol left him with a blue-skinned sylvari sporting a large green leaf, seemingly strapped on with its own stem, covering half her face. On the other side a striking amber eye regarded him with curiosity. After the group had quickly introduced him, they hurried back to their patrol.

With one hand she continued stroking the fern-hound she was tending to, while she stuck the other out towards him. “Omanna, third-born and leader of this ragged group. And you are?”

Dohar shook the proffered hand, making sure to look her in the remaining eye. “Dohar, Noon-born Valiant of the Grove. I’ve come here looking for someone, a fellow sylvari named Siriin.”

Again, that sadness became immediately apparent in Omannas expression. “Over a year ago, we were attacked, and a few of our group were abducted. We know not why or where they were taken. Siriin was one of them.”


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