Kudzu #37 – Origins of Legends

At the last word, the commander coughed, trying not to choke on her drink, Dohar trying to figure out if he should help, let alone how.

“In danger? How?” She croaked as she stood up, slowly regaining her composure.

A gut instinct, a feeling, a tickling in the back of his neck. But that was not evidence. “I wish I knew. She is involved in some plot, as am I. And,” Admitting it galled him to the core, “I do not know what can be done about it, but she deserves to know. I mean to find her so that I can at least tell her.”

The captain retrieved a rolled-up scroll from a drawer in her desk. “She went north over a year ago, joining a caravan led by another sylvari named ‘Omanna’,” Rolled out on the table, it was shown to be a map of the Maguuma, specifically an area further north called the Brisban Wildlands. He knew of it, but had never personally gone so far north. “It is an area rife with banditry, but the group seemed capable enough.”

Dohar looked the map over. It had asuran symbols on it, as well as New Krytan translations. He did not have any map that matched it. “I know the area, but I have no map of my own for it. Finding my way there might take a long time.”

De Mascio rolled it up again, holding it out towards him. “Then take this one. I bought it for myself, but if you can use it to help Siriin, then it will be of greater use to you.”

He accepted it gratefully. “I see the generosity of the De Mascios is not ill praised.”

A moment of silence. “If I might ask a favour in return.” Her tone seemed quite different from before. She reminded him of Lyranna from when the Risen had nearly struck the Confine. “If there is truly nothing to be done, can you try to bring her back here before the end?”

Dohar knew not the extent of Mothers plan, let alone what it hoped to accomplish. “I will do what I can.”


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