Kudzu #36 – Origins of Legends

It was midday when he stood before the guards on the gate. He had not seen any point in attempting a stealthy approach. The two guards must have seen him coming a mile off, but did not seem alarmed.  They kept hold of their weapons, but showed no sign of trying to show them off, let alone use them. “Halt in the name of- Ah, bloody hell. Who goes there?”

“Dohar, a sylvari of the Grove. I seek to speak with your Commander.”

The bald man practically sneered at him. “”And why should the Commander speak to you?”

Dohar sighed. He had hoped he would not need mention the name to anyone but the most necessary. “I have information about her friend, the sylvari Siriin.”

That wiped the smirk from his face, though it was replaced with a scowl a moment later. “Bloody hell’s right.,” he mumbled something to his companion, “Stay there, I will see if she will spare some time.”

He was quickly ushered into a rounded office, decorated with pictures of other humans, as well as maps and ornate furniture. A female human sat at a large oaken table, black hair worn short. Even though the garrison seemed as secure as it could be in the middle of the jungle, she still wore armour and a scabbarded sword was leaning against the side of the table. A bow of sylvari design was mounted carefully on the wall, along with a matching quiver and a single arrow.

The commander looked up at him through steepled fingers. “Ah, our visitor. I hope you do not wish to stay like the last of your kind who came through here on uncertain business.”

“Have no fear of that. Are you captain Evangeline de Mascio?”

The human leaned back in her chair, stoppering a black glass bottle and gently pushing it to the side. “Indeed I am. You have me at a disadvantage, sir -?”

He affected a slight bow. “Dohar, Noon-born of the Grove. I come north seeking a mutual acquaintance.”


He nodded in response. “Just so.”

De Mascio nodded slowly in return. “And why do you seek her? To that point, how do you know her?” She reached for a cup sitting on the table surface as she spoke, raising it for a sip.

“We are both involved in some plot beyond our will. I think she is in danger.”


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