Kudzu #35 – Origins of Legends

Dream’s End

Dohar had asked the Luminary to tell him everything he would about Siriin, that it was in both his and hers best interest, and Kahedins reluctantly explained the Siriin he knew. The story of her Dream, and his own appearance in it, would have startled him, had he been told before his meeting with Mother.

“Why was I not told of that before now?” It had been 2 days since his audience with the Pale Mother. The rage had subsided, to be replaced with a need to leave the Grove, get moving, try to do something about this fate that had been forced on him. He had gone to the Firstgrown to talk to Kahedins, and had found the Firstborn waiting for him.

Kahedins tried to appear neutral, but he could see that was not entirely the case. “All the times we talked about her Dream, whenever your name was brought up, she would become defensive and agitated. While she never told me why, I wanted to meet you for myself before divulging,” he smiled slightly, “and while I don’t know what Mother has planned, you at least seem intent on both hers and your own well-being.”

He had spoken little to the Luminary of Dusk since then. 2 weeks went by as he practiced, learned the land, acquired what maps and equipment he felt would be needed. He talked to various crafts-folk around the Grove, as well as the survivors of the Warden group she had worked with briefly. He wanted to get a good idea about where Siriin had been before he left the Grove, but he was also aware that time was running out, though exactly how much time was anyones guess.  Surprisingly, it proved to be the human envoys in the Grove who told him the most. Siriin had been staying at one of their garrisons to the north when proper contact had been established between the human and sylvari and had befriended the local commander. While the envoys did not know more, they assured him that Captain Evangeline de Mascio’s family were well-thought-of for their generosity.

After saying his farewells to the scant few he knew in the Grove, Dohar took his packed supplies and left. With Risen incursions ever on the rise, the jungle was fraught with danger for the ignorant or unobservant. Following the maps he had been given by Lyranna, his progress north was initially slow, as undead and forest beast alike hindered his path. The few sylvari settlements dotted around Caledon also proved problematic. Dohar still did not know the specifics of Mother’s plan, nor did he entirely care at this point, but he also did not know if other sylvari had been involved beyond him and Siriin, so he wanted to avoid unneeded contact as much as possible. A month went by before he found the garrison mentioned by the human envoys. It was marked quite clearly on one of his newest maps, but in the wake of increased contact between human and sylvari, a settlement had been founded in the vicinity, so the two peoples could more easily support each other. He would just have to hope that none of the Wardens from the village would be visiting the garrison that day.


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