Kudzu #34 – Origins of Legends

She was unceremoniously dumped in a cell larger than the blue-crystal one, but this one had a much smaller, irregular red crystal suspended in some sort of vice from the ceiling, and multiple of the stone-flyers were sitting in small alcoves in the far wall. She was barely back on her feet before the stone-creature had vanished behind the closed door. Reaching behind her, she found that her knife had been removed, along with her quiver. Her bow was, mysteriously, still there. But they had taken her quiver, so it would not be of much use. Her sleep during the walk to the lair had not proven very restful, so she was exhausted. She did not know where she was, nor did she have any way of fighting should she even be able to escape from her cell. Bereft of options, she fell into a dreamless sleep.

There was no sense of time in the illuminated building, so she did not know if it was morning when she awoke. The air was uncomfortably humid in the cell, the red crystal provided an eerie cast to the surroundings. She was aware of voices from outside the chamber, talking in that unknown tongue of theirs. Looking about the chamber, she realised she had no idea what was about to happen, or what she could do about it. She got to her feet. Talking had helped her before. The voices were coming from the far wall, and there was a slim pane of glass near the roof of the cell. Maybe they were on the other side. “Greetings asura, I think there has been-”.

An intense wave of crimson light erupted from the crystal. Siriin fell to her knees immediately, words forgotten. There was no pain as such, but she could not feel anything below her shoulders. Breathing was difficult. Her vision was slowly being obscured, small multi-colour sparks appearing and vanishing in seconds. Collapsing entirely to the floor, her bow slid away from her. It must have been knocked out of its holder. She had never been so tired. The sparks in front of her eyes twisted and turned, changing colour all the while. As they slowly covered her entire vision, Siriin became dimly aware that she was no longer seeing with her eyes. She was seeing her Dream again. The wonder of it all, and the contrast to the horrors she had been subjected to almost made her forget that it was merely a dream and not reality. She saw the world again, felt the mystery, but now it did not hold any danger to her. Only wonder. But where the mysterious Dohar had only been part of her Dream, now it was the very foundation. Without whoever it was, all of this would be forever lost to her, and she lost to it.

But she had no power, no way to save herself.


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