Kudzu #33 – Origins of Legends

The slow cart-like gait of the creature and the shock conspired to lull Siriin into a weird sleep. When she finally woke again, they were no longer outside. The lack of sunlight and the musty smell of the cave was in stark contrast to the monstrous lair she saw before them. Like the stone creatures, it was angular and foreboding, cruel red crystals serving as some sort of illumination. A massive smooth stone surface parted at their approach, showing itself to be a fortress-like gatehouse. It closed slowly once they had passed. She could see nothing operating any levers, nothing to show how it had been opened. Inside, while there were more of the black-stone creatures milling about, carrying objects, the small crystal-and-stone flyers flying through the air above them. She wished they could have known what their presence had foretold. Then their captors stopped suddenly. A scratchy voice speaking in a tongue she did not recognise was somewhere above them. The creature holding Roane bent backwards, and a huge chunk of its back slowly hinged away, revealing a much smaller creature within. As it stepped onto the impromptu ramp, Siriin recognised it immediately. An asura. She was utterly confused. Were they not allies of both the sylvari and the humans? Why would they abduct her and Roane? The asura talked back to the voice in the same tongue, pointing to the 2 captive sylvari. A reply from the invisible voice, and the asura climbed back into the stone-creature, and they were walking again. As they went further into the lair, she saw more asura walking about, sometimes escorting the bigger creatures, sometimes being carried by them. All of them stopped and stared at she and Roane as they passed, as though they were some exotic animals to be penned up. Every once in a while she tried to struggle out of her bonds, but the creature’s grip was unchanged. She could barely move her head. Eventually they arrived at an enclosed room with a blue and angular crystal suspended from the ceiling. Roane’s captor walked inside, allowing the asura inside to clamber out of the chamber before a transparent glass door sealed it off. As soon as the door had closed, blue light began streaming out from the crystal, covering every surface in the room. A few moments passed before the door opened again, the asura clambered back in and, after shouting something to her own captor, walked off down a hall. Siriin wanted to shout out to Roane, try to wake her, but she was still silenced by the clamp. The stone-creature holding her underwent the same process, but as the crystal began shining, the light turned red. When they were back on the move, she quickly noticed that they were not going the same way that Roane had been taken. Again, all of her attempts to struggle were futile.


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