Kudzu #31 – Origins of Legends

As Siriin sat down near the cliff edge, peering out across mysterious valley, a creature unfamiliar to her flew gracefully past the cliff beneath her. It was quite far away, but she was sure she could see no wings with which it could fly. A beep to her left startled her, alerting her to the arrival of another similar creature. In the center of its angular body was a red crystal, glinting in the sun, and the rest of it seemed composed of some sort of stone, with 2 pointed sections on the side slowly rotating. Unlike its kin down in the valley, this one jerked through the air, the crystal always facing towards her. She could swear there were small flashes of light within the crystal. Then, as suddenly as it had arrived, it spun around in the air and flew off, descending into the valley. A creature with a body of stone and crystal. What a strange land they had found arrived in. In the days following, as they scouted possible sites for their encampment, the group saw more of the crystal-creatures, some going about their own business, but many more watching them. As none of them had taken anything or made any threatening gestures, whatever that would be for them, they saw no reason to stop or avoid the creatures. A week went by. The group split into as many smaller segments as they dared and searched the valley, attempting to check all their options before committing. Eventually Omanna decided on an area in the southeastern bit of the valley, the edge of a patch of forest under a steep rocky hill. As Siriin inquired where they should begin, one of Omannas assistants, a second-born named Jarv, brought over a small wooden box from the back of the cart. The box was well-made, sturdy, and waterproof and opened without a sound. Inside was a white seed with edges lined with small black strands of hair. A house-gourd, they called it. Similar to the Firstgrown, it would grow many times their height in a week, providing a place to sleep and be out of the elements. He had helped create it, alongside Luminary Kahedins. Until it breached the topsoil it would need careful tending, but after that it should keep itself with minimal effort.

The first day after the caravan had settled, Siriin noticed that the small flying creatures had stopped following them, but she could not be certain when they had stopped, as the last few days had been busy. They had also not met a single ‘bandit’, even though Evangeline had told them the region was infested with the creatures. Again, being new to the region, they could not be certain if it was a concern. To keep everyone from simply lying about while Jarv and his fellow gardeners tended the gourd, Omanna had arranged for several 2-person patrols at all times of the day. Siriin was partnered with a chipper Dawn-born named Roane. While she appreciated her new companion, it was not uncommon that she would have to tell her to be quiet, as some rustling in the jungle was rendered inaudible by nigh-constant chatter. To the Dawn-born’s credit, she quickly learned to listen more intently while she spoke, so as the days went by, occasions# where she needed to be silenced grew fewer and fewer.


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