Kudzu #30 – Origins of Legends

Siriin was up shortly before dawn. She had said a few farewells, but seeing as she would be back eventually, she saw no great need. All her tools, some of them replaced during her stay at the garrison, were stowed away and ready for the trip. Her bow and quiver were slung across her back and her knife belted behind her waist. As she waited around for the caravan to leave, several of other sylvari came over to introduce themselves. There were a lot of names to remember. She could just hope there would be more opportunities to remember them in the days ahead. A sliver of daylight slipped through the forest canopy to the east, and the caravan began moving out. The oakheart-cart was in the middle of the column, and anyone who could fight at the front and rear. As the last of the column had moved through the gatehouse and the great wooden gates had closed, a cacophany erupted from the walls. Looking up, Siriin could see that a few soldiers were holding long, bent metallic tubes to their lips. The noise was loud and shrill, but the soldiers who were not using the tubes, along with Evangeline who was looking at the march from atop the gate, were all saluting. The assembled sylvari waved back and cheered, while both Siriin and Omanna quietly saluted.

Being back in the jungle proper was a curious feeling. The sights, sounds and smell of it had not been quite the same behind the stone walls of the garrison, and she mused that she did not know yet what she preferred. The pace was high. Every evening the group had exhausted sleep, but none complained. Within a week the forest around them had changed. It was cooler, less damp and the colours on the trees seemed darker. In the distance, a mountain loomed, circled by a valley beneath forested hills and cliffs. According to the maps Omanna and one of her assistants consulted many times a day, they had arrived in Brisban. Now it was time to find a place to set a more permanent camp.

The previous night, the group had camped on top of a cliff overlooking the southeast portion of the valley, intending to descend the following day. Now that they had arrived at the region, the pace had slowed somewhat. Very few animals had spotted throughout her time with the caravan, and none since their arrival in the region. Given the size of the group, and that they had a oakheart with them, it was not considered strange.


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