Kudzu #29 – Origins of Legends

Nodding, Siriin put the box on the table. The commander gave her a puzzled look.

“I will not be staying at the garrison any longer. I am going to join Omanna’s caravan, so sadly I also will not be able to finish the book.”

Evangeline surged out of her chair, palms slapping onto the table#. “You will not-!” The shout came out in a rush, words tumbling out. She stood stock-still. In shock, Siriin had taken a few steps back.


Evangeline sat back down, slowly and carefully. The inkwell had been upturned on the table, spilling the viscous black liquid everywhere. She paid it no heed. “I’m sorry. It just- It came as a surprise, that’s all.”

Siriin hurried forward and put the little glass container upright, despairing at all the ink covering most of the surface, as well as several documents. Luckily the book was in its own box.

She was stopped when Evangeline gently grasped her frantic hands, moving her away from the table. “Are you sure about this?”

She looked at the commander. As far as she could see, Evangeline was back to her usual assured self. “Yes. I came here while I was out seeing the world for myself. This is the best opportunity to get back on the road.” An idea occurred to her. “You can come with us!”

At least it made Evangeline smile. “I cannot, sadly. We humans cannot wander about as freely as sylvari are seemingly able to do. I have a responsibility here, both to the soldiers under my command but also my parents and the crown. I can’t simply pack up and leave.”

“What does a ‘crown’ have to do with anything?”

That even got a chuckle. “I am afraid that we would be up till well past first light if I had to explain it to someone who doesn’t even know what a crown is.” She released Siriins hands and walked back to the table, sighing at the black-stained mess.

Outside she could see the campfires in the courtyard being slowly put out, the members of the garrison going to sleep one by one to prepare for the coming day. “I have an idea.” She turned back to Evangeline who was looking at her as well with that curious look she knew so well by now. “I’ll come back. I will see the world and come back here before the Grove, then you can explain it to me. Deal?”

For a moment she didn’t respond, standing still and speechless.



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