Kudzu #27 – Origins of Legends

The caravan stayed for the night, the weary sylvari grateful for a resting place without the constant danger of the jungle around them. Having grown used to Siriins presence, some of the soldiers who were not otherwise occupied talked to the travellers, and the garrison was filled the noise of discussions held and stories told. Siriin was standing on the southern wall, enjoying the evening breeze. Usually the air in the jungle was hot and still, but the clearing was big enough to allow even a slight breeze to reach the jungle floor. The new arrivals had reminded her of another reason she had left all those months ago. The noise got to her, made her feel pressured.

So she had gone up on the wall alone, away from the lights and the noise of the rest of the garrison. Looking down into the courtyard, she saw Omanna ascending the stairs towards her before the Warden called out.

“I thought you were talking to Evangeline?” The captain and the commander had been discussing how to set up further communication between the Grove and the settlement the humans called ‘Divinity’s Reach’, where their queen lived. Siriin wasn’t entirely sure what a queen was, but judging by the reverence with which they spoke the name, it was more like Mother than what humans called mother.

Omanna strode up to where she was standing with a purposeful stride. “I was, we have arrived at an agreement of sorts. All we can do now is wait for a word from our respective superiors. This is too big for us to decide on our own.”

Siriin slowly nodded in response and looked down into the courtyard again. Thinking back to the same morning, the feeling of vanished mystery struck her again. The warden had told her that they were going north, into unpopulated lands. If that was true, it would be unknown territory not only to herself, but also to everyone around her.

“Omanna, can I ask you a question?”

Omanna was leaning her back against the wall, looking curiously at her. “Go ahead.”

“Can I join your caravan?”

The warden seemed taken aback. “Well, we have the space and supplies for it, but are you sure you want to leave your friends here so suddenly?”

Siriin could see a weak light in the window to Evangelines office. “I originally came here out of a wish to explore, see more of the world. And now I feel like I have seen this corner. Leaving to find a whole new corner is the only reason that feels good enough.”

The other sylvari straightened up, scouting about between the caravan members down in the courtyard. “Good enough for me. I will talk to my assistants, make sure they know about it. I trust you have some farewells to attend to.” Omanna bowed slightly towards Siriin, who returned the gesture. “Good night, Siriin, third-born of Dusk. We leave at first light.” With that, she walked off, making for the stairs leading downwards.


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