Kudzu #26 – Origins of Legends

The warden held a hand about a meter above the soil. “The asura. Diminutive creatures with large ears, but act as if they tower above anyone else, even each other.”

Siriin merely muttered ‘ah’ while the commander looked displeased. “We humans know of them too, though I do not know if I would call them ‘allies’. They infuriate more than they help,” She took a deep breath and the displeasure disappeared from her face. “But their information is correct. There are no settlements as such in Brisban. It is far too infested with bandits for anyone to want to live there.”

Omannas eyes lit up like torches. “Bandits? Is that some manner of dragon minion, like the risen?”

“No, they are humans like me and the rest of my garrison, but they obey no law but their own.” A smile slowly appeared on Evangelines face. “But I like the comparison to minions. Some among my people claim they are even more vile than the Risen. At least the undead are left no choice in the matter.”

The warden had put her hands on her hips again. “Interesting. We have nothing like bandits in the Grove.”

Evangeline chuckled. “Then consider yourselves fortunate. They are a pain to deal with in any respect,” she put one of her hands on her chest. “But enough of that. If your group is weary or in need of supplies, I offer the help of myself and my soldiers. Let it never be said that the de Mascios are not generous with what they have.”

Omanna slowly returned the gesture. “Then we will accept it with gratitude. I might be a former soldier, but the rest of the caravan are largely crafts-folk and others who have not wielded a weapon in their life, so the journey has been hard on them.” The warden glanced over at Siriin. “Perhaps we can also arrange some sort of larger visit from the Grove. We did not know this garrison was here, and further talk between our two people can only be for the best. I am sure both Ronan and Ventari would have thought as much.”

Evangeline looked puzzled for the first time that day. “Ronan and Ventari? Are they your leaders?”

Siriin decided to intervene. “As you said yourself, Evangeline, enough for now. Let us make sure that the caravan gets some rest, then me and Omanna might explain further.”


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