Kudzu #25 – Origins of Legends

Siriin shook the hand as firmly as she could. “I am surprised as well, I never thought I would meet another sylvari until I returned to the Grove. I was born to Dusk as well.”

The former Warden had put her hands on her hips. She was clothed in leaves and strips of bark. Siriin did not know the design, but a past in the Wardens meant that it was likely armour and would be deceptively resilient. “If I might be so bold, why are you yourself out here alone?”

“I wanted to see the world, couldn’t simply stay in the Grove any longer.” she waved casually behind her. “Found this place by happenstance, a few months ago. And why is such a big group of sylvari doing wandering about with a oakheart-driven cart?”

Omanna grinned at her and turned to look at the gentle forest creature. “It was a friend of mine’s idea. We’re going to establish a new settlement north of the Grove.”

A new settlement? Living away from the Pale Tree? At first the idea seemed strange to Siriin, but she quickly realised that was what she had been doing for a while now without really thinking about it. Looking at the garrison behind her, she spotted Evangeline waiting patiently a little distance from the open gate, this time even without her sword. Several sylvari were looking past Siriin and Omanna at the commander, some looking more nervous than others.

Siriin pointed behind her. “This is the commander of the garrison. She has willingly moved away from her mother, just like us. Talk to her, she will understand.”

The former Warden looked at the human woman slowly walking towards them. “So they speak our language?”

She thought of the year written on the front of Evangelines tome. “I suspect it’s rather the other way around. After all, humans have been around for far longer than us.”

Omanna humphed at her and, removing her own scabbarded sword, walked out to meet Evangeline, Siriin following along behind her.

The commander stuck out her hand to the Warden. “Evangeline de Mascio, third-born daughter of Filomeno de Mascio and captain of this garrison. Siriin here,” a short hand gesture was made towards her.  “has told me much about your people.”

Omanna firmly returned the handshake. “Omanna, former Warden and leader of this small group. We may have something in common. I am third-born myself.”

Evangeline folded her arms behind her back, much like she did when addressing her soldiers. “Judging by what I have heard from Siriin, that means 2 different things for sylvari and humans. If I might be so bold, what is your group’s destination?”

“You might have a different name for it, but our allies call it ‘Brisban’. It is a region of wildlands to the north, largely unpopulated by their account.”


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