Kudzu #24 – Origins of Legends

“More sylvari!”

The shout came from the gate, where the infamous Jacques was posted. He had improved since Siriin had arrived at the garrison, improving both his aim and, thankfully, he was better at not simply shooting at first sight of anything unknown. Siriin briefly mused that she would probably not be here today if he had been a better shot some 3 months ago. Then the implication of what he had actually shouted about, and the thought of meeting sylvari again, pushed everything else from her mind. Almost before she knew it, she was on top of the walls, staring out to see them as well.

The group was quite obvious, waiting uncertainly at the edge of the clearing that surrounded the garrison. She imagined that they’d be about as clueless as she had been, but luckily they were unlikely to receive the same explosive welcome that she had almost been victim to. Waving,  she hoped that they would be able to pick her out among all the humans.

“Looks like we are even more fortunate to have you here, Siriin.” Evangeline was leaning on the wall to her right. She had already ordered the gate to be opened. “You can probably explain all this to them far better than we can,” she glanced at Siriin for a brief moment, “unless you don’t want to, that is.”

She could barely contain her excitement. “I would love to. I haven’t seen any of my people since I left home.” Some of the sylvari were pointing in her direction now. Seems like now would be the best time. “I would say ‘this should not take long’, but I really don’t know about that.” Siriin quickly turned around, skipping down the steps to the courtyard 3 at a time, running past the guards at the gate. The distance between the garrison and the grouped sylvari was covered in no time, and soon she was catching her breath, watching them all look at her with surprise clear on their faces.

As with almost any group of sylvari, there was a rainbow mix of colours on display, but also many sacks, as well as a cart pulled by an oakheart of all things. She was very curious indeed to hear why a group of sylvari would drag a cart around so far from the Grove. None among the group had said a word yet, probably waiting for her to speak first.

“Hello, my name is Siriin, I am a sylvari like you,” She slowly pointed at the garrison behind her. “And those are humans, like Ronan, friend of Ventari, from the tablet.”

One among the group stepped forward. Her skin was a dark blue, and shaped like the bark of a great tree, her amber-coloured eyes in stark contrast. She looked striking, and immensely dependable. “Omanna, Dusk-born and former Warden. Greeting, Siriin of an unknown cycle. Meeting sylvari so far from home is a great surprise,” she reached out with an open hand, “A pleasant one, but a surprise nonetheless.”


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