Kudzu #21 – Origins of Legends

Dohar was leaving the Omphalos Chamber when he found Niamh and Kahedins waiting for him outside the lift. Meaning to push past them to leave, a hand on his shoulder stopped him. Pushing it away, he turned about to see that both Niamh and Kahedins were staring at him intently. While the Warden commander was clearly trying to maintain her calm, the Luminary of Dusk looked tense and pensive.

“Don’t act too hastily now, Valiant.” Niamh was the one who had stopped him, and now she was standing alert, arms crossed in front of her chest. Dohar was struggling to match her gaze# “Where are you going?”

Dohar had to struggle to keep his voice low. “Anywhere, just away from this-” Speechless, he ended the sentence with an exasperated groan.

“And then what? Are you going to leave the Grove? Join the Court?” The last question was uttered almost like a curse.

He had been so enraged by Mothers revelation that he had not given it a moments thought. “In truth, I know not.” He couldn’t stand the stare any longer. The horizon to the east provided a welcome release. “I just know that I cannot stay, not after this. I will not be a willing pawn in anyone’s plan,” The resentment almost choked him up. “Not even Mothers.”

At this Kahedins took a few steps toward him, lining up with the other Firstborn. “Remember Valiant, Mother told only you of this. None of us Firstborn know anything of it.” The Luminary spread his arms in an almost welcoming gesture. “We cannot help you if we do not know the problem at hand.”

Dohar walked to the edge of the plaza and leaned against the vine spiralling down from the Chamber, looking at nothing in particular. The plan might disgust him, but the he could not forget the serious edge to the Avatar’s voice. “I cannot talk about what Mother said. I was forbidden to do so.” A thought struck him. He looked up at the two Firstborn, unsure whether to direct it at Kahedins or Niamh. “Do any of you know someone named Siriin?” The Warden commander looked blank, but Kahedins grew even more tense. “I do. A sylvari gifted at woodworking, but not much else. She also worked with the Wardens, just like you.”

Dohar took a step away from the railing, towards the Firstborn. ”I need to find her. She’s involved in this, somehow, and I doubt she knows.” He could only hope he could find her before it moved to the next stage, whatever that was.

The Luminary of Dust only looked apologetic. “I know little of her whereabouts. She left the Grove over 2 years ago.”


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