Kudzu #19 – Origins of Legends

The Pale Tree always maintains a connection, a bond, with all of its children. But for when its children require a more direct way of talking to their Mother, the Avatar held court in the Omphalos Chamber at the highest level of the Grove. Dohar had not seen it for himself, nor did he know anyone who had. Seeing the ease and confidence with which Niamh ascended the pod-lift, he suspected she had visited the Chamber many times in the past. She was Firstborn after all, a breed apart from other sylvari.

The entrance to the Chamber was the lowest point, for the floor of weaved-together vines sloped upwards towards the corners and edges. The stone tablet containing the teachings of Ventari hang suspended from a vine to the right. 2 Wardens were also in the chamber, posted there to protect the Avatar should need be. While Risen had been harassing the sylvari for years now, the Grove had never been in direct peril, but the Warden Commander did not like to gamble.

On the Commanders arrival, they had visibly straightened. Niamh wasted no time. “Trina, Kaelin. At ease. You may leave your posts, me and the Valiant need to talk to Mother with no audience.” While both saluted, the taller of the two seemed uncertain, something the shorter quickly remedied by bodily pushing her towards the lift. While there was no door in the chamber, there was a definite feeling of a border between the rest of the room and the small ‘court’ where the Avatar waited for them. Her skin was almost pure white, and while most sylvari wore clothes of some description, the Avatar was not clothed but instead the skirt seemed part of her body. An open flower crowned the top of her head and the Pale Tree towered up behind her, heralding her as well as any banner.

The Avatar was easily the most serene creature Dohar had ever seen. Everything from her relaxed pose to the soft light that seemed to radiate from her very skin just removed all of his tension. Before he knew it he was on his knees, with Niamh following suit, albeit slower and more consciously.

“Welcome Niamh, Firstborn of the Noon Cycle,” Even her voice was as morning dew. “it has been too long. How fares the Grove?”

The Warden commander kept her gaze to the ground. “It goes well. Saplings are born and we sylvari can live our lives as we wish. Faolains new group concerns me, however.”

The Avatar took on a reassuring tone. “Do not be concerned. They simply seek their own path, like all of us. When they have found it, they will come back to us.” Niamhs tense silence indicated to Dohar that she did not entirely agree.

The Firstborn changed the subject. “But I did not come here to discuss Faolain,” she waved briefly in Dohar direction as if presenting him. “You asked of us that we bring the Valiant Dohar before you at a certain time. It would seem to be now.”

As if in answer to Niamhs presentation, Dohar looked up at the Avatars face. She was looking at his face, and smiling now. “Well done and well-remembered, Luminary. Now you may leave.”


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