Kudzu #18 – Origins of Legends

Dohar waved casually toward the captains armour. “Leaving on a patrol? I don’t believe I was asked.” The leafy warden armour was strapped in and battle-ready. While it looked to be made from vines, leaves and wood, Dohar knew it to be deceptively strong and durable.

Larnok crossed his arms in front of his chest. “The patrol is Warden business. Valiant or not, if you will not commit to a decision I will not make you privy to every movement by the Wardens.”

“My apologies, captain, I meant no offense,” he did a small bow, “I merely thought the atmosphere seemed very serious, so I tried a simple jest.”

“Then you might be more careful with your jests in the future, Valiant, lest they spring back at you.” The Luminary of Noon turned about as well, the branches that made up her ‘hair’ rustling about. “A group of Risen appeared from an unexpected angle, that is all.” The captain gave Niamh a surprised glance at this frank talk. “I know your thoughts on this, Larnok, but it is my belief that Valiants mean only well, even if their actions sometimes seem out of kilter.”

“As you wish, Firstborn. Now, if you will excuse me, I should get the patrol under way.” Bowing to the commander and nodding in Dohars general direction, the captain walked quickly out of the room.

The Firstborn poured some water from a gourd-flask on the table. “I hope you will forgive the captain, Valiant. He appreciates all the help that you have given the Wardens, but I suspect that he wants you to commit to a decision before giving you lease to follow on further Warden business.”

“I do not blame him for that. However, I fear I cannot commit to a decision before I know more about what Mother has in store for me.” He took a few steps further into the room. He did not want to be easily overheard.

Niamh’s voice took on a slightly puzzled tone. “What Mother has in store?”

“What my Dream meant, what Mother hopes I will achieve. That is why I have been helping Larnok. At first I thought I would stop the Risen, but there is no end to them, as you know just as well as me.”

“Ah.” The Luminary seemed distant, pensive. It took a few moments before she responded. “Shortly after you awoke, the Tree called all the Firstborn in the Grove and asked of us something simple. That when the Valiant named ‘Dohar’ asked about his Dream or his Hunt, we would take him to talk to the Avatar.” Niamh stoppered the gourd and downed the remaining water from her cup. “Well Valiant, let us go and talk to Mother then.”


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