Kudzu #17 – Origins of Legends

The Shape of Fate

After finding Lyranna and telling her what had happened, they had left Larnok to his duties and returned to the Grove. The idea of a Mentor was to help new sylvari find their place both in the Grove and in the larger world around it, and Lyranna reckoned that meeting the captain was just what Dohar had needed, so after reminding him to seek her out if he felt he needed help again, she went back to her own business. Even after several years of work by the Wardens, as well as the other factions that made their homes in the Caledon Forest, it was still a dangerous place full of hazards, as well as insects and beasts. Lyranna was one of the cartographers working alongside the Wardens to create better maps of the jungle.

Weeks had gone by. While not an official# member of the Wardens, Dohar had gone on several tours with them since meeting Larnok. Every time they had pressed him about joining them more officially he had avoided the issue, saying he was still unsure where he wanted to go. And that was not untrue. While Lyranna’s judgement call that he had found his place was not entirely unfounded, he still felt out-of-place. After every battle, more Risen were removed from the jungle and he felt more adept at combat. But after every battle, more Risen arrived at their shores. It was nigh-on-endless, and he felt powerless to change it. But he still felt as though he should be doing something. So Dohar decided he would take Niamh up on her months-old offer. After asking a Warden patrol about her whereabouts, he found the commander in a ground-floor room of the Firstgrown. She must have just concluded a meeting with another group of Wardens, as she was rolling up maps, and captain Larnok was present as well. The auburn-skinned sylvari was assisting with clearing away the debris from the meeting as well.

Dohar knocked on the branch-frame of the door and stepped inside. Larnok had his back to him, so he turned fully around to face him, but the commander barely regarded him.


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