Kudzu #16 – Origins of Legendds

The metal rods unexpected ability had shook her, and she had been tempted to follow along with the flocks of birds fleeing the clearing. But the slow and measured approach of the human commander had reassured her somewhat. She had only ever fought Risen, but if one intended to kill, you would not move that slowly.

When the human was half a dozen meters away, it leaned forward and inclined its head towards Siriin. “I hope you will forgive Jacques. He is our newest recruit, and still unused to the unpredictability of the jungle.” It returned to a straight stance and meet her gaze. “My name is Evangeline de Mascio, third daughter of Filomeno de Mascio and commander of this garrison. I am afraid I did not catch your name the first time?”

Siriin returned the humans leaning gesture. “Siriin, third born of the Pale Tree, who I suppose has no name beyond simply Mother.”

The confusion was plain on the humans face. “You were born from a tree?”

“Exactly. I can tell you the story. I was there, so I remember it pretty clearly.”

That did not seem to lift the confusion. “You remember it?” The human shook its head slightly, a little like an animal clearings its fur of water. “Nevermind, I am forgetting my manners. You are welcome to stay in my garrison, provided you can help in some fashion.”

Siriin thought for a moment, then gave her best smile. “I can work with wood.”


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