Kudzu #14 – Origins of Legends

With the patrol only being a few days, only light supplies were packed. The whole group knew the stretch of jungle well, so foraging was a definite possibility. The big unknown were the Risen. Their numbers were unknown in the region, hence the reason for the patrol’s organisation in the first place. The plan was to avoid combat if at all possible, but weapons were packed to be ready should the need arise. Preparations were quickly completed, so the patrol was essentially ready to leave a day before the scheduled departure. They left the Grove in midday but with no fanfare By days end, they had reached the edge of the zone for the patrol. For the following 2 days the mood was tense as they kept watch for Risen and the other dangers of Caledon. Siriin had never fought a Risen in combat, so did not know what danger they represented. She could only  judge by the reactions of her companions, and she could feel their fear. In spite of the moving corpses clogging up the coast and nearby jungle, the whole group made it through alive, and the next destination was home. As they set camp the night before they would reach the Grove, the evening sky was filled with all the colours of the rainbow. The only sound in the campsite was the crackle of the fire as every soul beheld the spectacle.

Returned from the patrol, Siriin returned to her workshop for a while. Her wanderlust temporarily sated, her attention returned to the shaping of wood and vine. The Wardens were always in need of supplies and weapons, so there was plenty of work that could benefit from her skills. Her new friends visited her from time to time, and they walked and talked throughout the Grove, but it was barely a week before she decided to move on. Her fear of the world abated somewhat, and contact between the Grove and the world around it increasing almost daily, she felt she needed to see the world at her own pace, on her own terms. She gathered the tools from the workshop she used at her workshop, as well as a bow she had made for herself. Braile had given her a quiver like the ones used by the Wardens. He was not a crafter like her, preferring to spend his time in the brush rather than at a worktable so he had not made the quiver himself, but she appreciated it all the same. The bow was of a longer make, made of wood native to the jungle around the Grove, wrapped in supple vines known for their ability to remain flexible even when used for crafting or woodwork. With it’s rather extreme curve at the limb around the grip and several colorful blue-glass discs inserted into the middle-belly for some ballast, it was quite unlike the bows she normally shaped at her table, but somehow the form spoke to her, and so she had decided it bring it along on her journey rather than one with a more orthodox design. Said her farewells to the people she knew and walked out of the Grove, following a newly-made road north towards the edge of the jungle and the edge of the world she had known so far. As she wandered she met other sylvari like herself, living in settlements throughout Caledon, living lives away from the safety of the Grove, Wardens on patrol around thorny fences. She was always welcomed, offered shelter for the night as well as food and drink. Some she accepted, some she declined. Every day offered new sights and experiences. She met asura doing experiments in the jungle, the strange frog-like hylek and the menacing krait, as well as seeing glimpses of the vile Risen on the beaches and swamps of the jungle. Not settling anywhere, she knew not herself exactly what she was seeking, or indeed if she was seeking anything.


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