Kudzu #13 – Origins of Legends

That night Siriin Dreamed again. The presence of the Mother Tree was a constant to any sylvari in the Grove, whether by seeing the enormous growth in the center of the settlement or a warmth of the mind, but Siriin had never felt Mothers presence so strongly as she did now. The world was laid out before her. It was still both intimidating and enticing, but now a strange warm yellow glow emanated from the Grove. It suffused the jungle and penetrated far into the lands to the east. From the jungles heart, a dark-green mist swelled and pulsed, pushing the glow back. While the mist repulsed her, looking at the boundaries of the two colours she noticed something. Pockets of nothing were dotted here and there on the frontlines, places touched by neither presence.

The next day, Siriin accepted the Luminary’s offer.


The Firstborn had introduced her to a Warden named Braile, a gold-brown skinned wanderer with a ponytail of dark-green fronds. Like her, he had always wanted to see the world outside the Grove as long as he could remember, but unlike her, he had not been nearly paralyzed with fear. While he had still not left the fringes of the Maguuma jungle, he had served as an escort on the few diplomatic visits made to the fledgling asuran cities to the west, and as such was familiar with the dangers of travelling the jungle. Siriin continued her wood-shaping work for a little while, but soon the learning of the land around the Grove, as well as training in foraging and combat skills, took up all her time. She took to the bow and arrow quickly, proving very adept at handling the bow, even if her accuracy left something to be desired. Braile himself favoured fighting in the thick of it, something she herself hoped she would be able to avoid altogether. Nevertheless, she was also instructed in how to fend for herself with the small blue-glass knife she had been given by the Luminary.

Little by little, her fear faded in the face of experience. As a sort of culmination of her training, she was offered to join Braile and his group of fellow Wardens on an extended scouting trip to observe the Risen coming in from the Sea of Sorrows and their effects on the area. They would be leaving the Grove for several days and then report directly to Warden commander Niamh and Kahedins. She barely hesitated before accepting.


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