Kudzu #12 – Origins of Legends

“And the outside world. Do you still find it frightening?”. She nodded back, slowly and deliberately. The Luminary leaned back in his chair, the supple wood slightly giving way.

“It is certainly not an irrational response; Wardens patrol the Grove and the jungle around us day and night, and still these ‘Risen’ endlessly attack us with no provocation. Add to that the natural dangers of our jungle home and travelling alone is a dangerous proposition even for the Firstborn.” Kahedins stroked the small fronds on his chin, silent for a moment.

“What are ‘Risen’?” Siriin asked the question simply to fill the void in their conversation.

The Luminary looked back up at her with a look not unlike surprise. “Ah, I suppose most of us have not spoken with our new guests.” The Luminary stood up from his chair and grabbed a scroll from the other table in the room, unfolding it with a practiced motion and placing it on the surface of the table they were sat by. On it was drawn a humanoid creature with arms and legs that broadened towards the end, as well as prominent and sizable ears on the sides of their broad heads. A name was scrawled in black letters beside the creature.

“The Asura. Small of stature but quite clever. After some, initial, misunderstandings between us they have told us much of the world beyond our jungle, among that names and descriptions of creatures like the dragon I showed you when you were here last. In fact, I recall we had a party of them visiting on that day.” They had indeed been there, she had seen them in the hall, so she nodded back in confirmation.

The Firstborn rolled the scroll back up and pushed it away. “They told us that the undead creatures are commonly called the ‘Risen’ and many other races facing the ocean like we are face similar troubles from their constant attacks.” Kahedins motioned to speak further, but seemingly decided against it. “But enough of that; you’re here to see if we can find a way for you to move on, not here to hear of more terrors. I can give it some more thought, but my immediate inclination is to introduce you to one of our Wardens, allow them to teach you more about the dangers and how to defend yourself. How does that sound?”

Siriin wasn’t sure. The wanderlust pulled at her, but even the promise of a mentor was not enough to overcome her unexplained fear. “If I may, I would like some time to consider my decision, honoured Firstborn.” The Luminary simply smiled and nodded back. “As you wish. Now, before you go, there are some designs I would like to show you…”


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