Kudzu #10 – Origins of Legends

As arrows continued to rain down, the Risen column shambled as one towards a large tree containing several Wardens, as evidenced by the arrows emerging from the canopy. Loosing another roar, the column charged the tree, with the large creature throwing its weapon into the canopy with unnerving accuracy. One Warden was smashed off his branch, and the others had to struggle to not fall to the floor. Dohar had seen enough. Eyeing one of the taller creatures covered in blue markings visible even through the grime and carrying a hammer the size of the Captain, he quickly nocked an arrow and let fly. The creature paid the arrow almost no heed as it sank almost to the fletching in its rotten side and continued battering at the ailing tree with its hammer. Shifting his aim upwards, Dohar shot again. He could barely contain his glee as the arrow sunk into the Risen’s head, the fletching almost vanishing in the corpse’s blonde strands, but his joy quickly vanished when it turned its dead eyes on him and began a shambling charge. Cursing at him, Larnok blew a different note on his horn and started running towards the Risen, with a few of the Wardens around the clearing following suit. Dohar barely heard either as he shouldered the bow, drew his blade and readied to meet the creature bearing down on him. As the captain passed it, his maul flashed out and nearly took the Risen’s leg off, as well as sending into sprawling onto its face in the mud. With a gurgle it heaved itself onto its remaining leg and back out of the mud and swung at him as he tried to attack. He was just on the edge of the clearing so he did not have to contend with the mud like the creature did, but it did not seem to impede it at all. Dohar tried to counter but could not contend with the Risen’s superior reach. He was smaller than Larnok so the hammer outsized him with no contest, and even as rotten as it was, the creature’s speed was still sufficient to keep him away with a flurry of blows. A recognisable roar shook the clearing and his opponent slouched forward. Dohar sensed his only opening and struck, sinking his blade to the hilt in the Risen’s face. The body’s weight dragged the sword from his hands as it slumped into the mud, its hammer still embedded in the mud where it last struck. Looking to the source of the roar, he saw the giant Risen with Larnok’s hammer in place of it’s skull, the Warden captain battling another invading creature with a sword. Most of the Wardens who had followed him into the battle were scouring the clearing for any Risen that were still moving. A crumpled heap lying by the roots of the battered tree held the attention of the Wardens who had stayed behind in the brush during the brunt of the fighting. As Dohar got closer, he recognised the fallen heap as the Warden who had been struck from the canopy. The broken sylvari’s limbs were at odd angles, and it’s amber-coloured eyes stared dully at nothing. The two other sylvari must have come to the same conclusion as himself, as they called for Larnok and when the captain looked over, responded with slowly moving his head from side to side. The Wardens had suffered, but the settlement was safe. So why was Dohar ill at ease?


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