Kudzu #7 – Origins of Legends

“About as on-time as any Mentor could reasonably demand, Valiant!” she called out. Her companion scanned him briefly, but his expression did not change.

He quickened his pace. “Even as a ‘Valiant’, I do not exactly have many duties. No reason to not be punctual. Who is your silent companion?”

Lyranna did not respond, she simply waved her left hand towards the other sylvari, as if prompting him to respond.

“Larnok, captain of the local Wardens. Forgive me for my tongue not being as free-flowing as Lyranna. My time as a Warden taught me the value of silence.” His speech was confident with a hint of authority. Dohar could not be sure how to gauge the captain, so decided to question his mentor instead. “So why did you ask me to meet you here, Lyranna?” At the question, his mentor grinned, then scooped up one bow in the crook of her left arm and held the other bow out for Dohar to take. “Target practice, Valiant, target practice.” Slinging the bow she had kept over her shoulder, she retrieved a couple quivers leaning against the thorny fence. The arrows were tipped with a short and narrow metal tip with no barbs or hooks of any kind. “Normally, arrows are not shaped like this,” Lyranna said by way of explanation. “ but these practice arrows are shaped so as to not cause as much pain if you do actually hit something other than the target dummies. Now, if you would follow me.” The mentor set off slowly at first, but quickly upped her pace once she could see Dohar and the captain were following. The sun was high in the sky, so the farm was busy and active. The sylvari tending the plants were walking about like a hive of bees, checking trees and pruning branches and bushes. He did not exchange a word with either of his companions before they arrived at the practice range. A small gourd-house was set up next to it to store supplies for the wardens that normally used this range to train with bows, but the ‘target dummies’ were what attracted Dohar’s attention. They almost seemed alive, with their thick stumpy branches and luminescent core. The top of the growth had either been shaped or grown to eerily resemble a head and it was staked solidly into the ground. “An invention of Luminary Kahedins.” Larnok said. “They’re intended to look as humanoid as possible and are grown here at this farm.”


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