Kudzu #4 – Origins of Legends

“A dragon, and an Elder one at that. It is one of the creatures Caithe saw in her travels, called it Zhaitan. It resides in a ruined land far to the south, and the coastal findings some of our rangers suggest it might play a large part in our immediate future. Creatures that are dead, but yet move, have begun washing up on our shores and attacking those of us who live away from the immediate safety of the Mother Tree and the Wardens.” The Luminary took his gaze away from the drawing and rolled the parchment up, putting it away. “But I digress. You’re here to talk about your Dream, not the problems faced by our rangers. Though, if those are in your interest, you should talk to Niamh, she has a  better grasp on their needs than I do.” Kahedins sat back down and leaned back in his seat. “About your Dream, there is one last topic# we have not yet touched upon. This ‘Dohar’.” When Kahedins spoke that name, Siriin flinched involuntarily. While it had reassured her in her Dream, now she felt oppressed by it, as if whatever or whoever it was meant to enslave her. “What of it?” She said defensively, regretting it almost instantly. The other sylvari seemed surprised at this outburst. “Well, simply that we have not yet deliberated on what ‘Dohar’ means in your Dream, and what it might mean for your future.” The Luminary said in a calming tone. “Assuming it is a name, it does not sound unreasonable for a sylvari to bear it, but I know of none who do. Considering the rest of your dream, I would argue that whatever it is, it would help you make sense of this world beyond the Grove that you find so alluring, as well as your place in it. Though where it is to be found, I cannot say with any certainty.” Kahedins seemed to ponder something for a moment before continuing. “I can say this. Amongst the Firstborn, Caithe, Faolain and Trahearne are easily the ones who spend the most time away from the Grove, and as far as I know, both from talking with them and with our Mother Tree, none of them saw each other as a distinct figure in their Dream.”

Siriin felt overwhelmed and out of her depth. She slowly got up from her seat, the Luminary giving her an expectant look. “My thanks for giving me the time of day, Firstborn, but I feel I need some time to consider all you have told me.”

If Kahedins was at all displeased by this, he gave no sign. “Of course, the Dream is an important part of all of us, and one should not rush in understanding its meaning. Once you feel ready once again, I should not be difficult to find.” Kahedins got up from his chair and did a small bow. Siriin responded as best she knew and hurried out of the room, heading for her own chambers in the Garden. She had a great number of things she needed time and space to think about.


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