Eternity #3 – Origins of Legends

As the sun was slowly appearing from beneath the horizon, the brothers met each other on the field of battle, each still wielding their magical blades. Each had nothing to say to the other, and there was but a moment of silence before they attacked. Twilight and Sunrise hummed through the air between them. The first sliver of the sun appeared over the horizon, and the two swords struck each other. A flash of magic enveloped half the battlefield, giving all combatants pause. All eyes on the battlefield were on the vortex still encircling the two generals, as bands of brilliant sunlight and deepest twilight raged around them. Breaths were held, until finally the vortex subsided, revealing both king and wizard alive and as well as could be expected.

Twilight and Sunrise, however, were gone. In their place was a single double-edged sword of similar design, but its blade flowed instantly between scenes of day and night, its cross-guard was at once both brilliant gold and ominous dark iron. And on its pommel, a brilliantly shining jewel was fastened, clear as the purest water.

The entire battlefield rumbled and shook, as the magic unleashed by the clash between the 2 swords had started a terrible catastrophe. The island kingdom was sinking below the waves. But even as their world was collapsing around them, the armies continued their fighting, and the 2 generals battled over the new sword. Such they continued until the ocean had claimed them all.

Such ends the story of the Sunrise King. But there is one more part that is not commonly told. Why? I suspect the looming spectre of Zhaitan would put a damper on a story featuring undead. But I don’t think the dragon can hear us in here, so here’s the last part of the tale.

If one could find the remnants of this lost kingdom, they would find an army dead on the field, their remains covering the ocean floor for miles. And a king, defeated on the field. For the last untold part is that the wizard won that last struggle, by tricking the king with his illusion magic. Only he remains, guarding the ruins of the royal city, his undead hands clutching that magical blade. And that is the end to the story of the High Wizard of Twilight.


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