Eternity #2 – Origins of Legends

Being the kingdom’s high wizard, the Wizard was involved in the majority of the work to create the blade. Skilled though they were at their crafts, the craftspeople involved all learned many new skills and tricks during the work, and these discoveries were also put to use elsewhere. For the Wizard employed them all in the secret to create a twin to the king’s Sunrise. But where Sunrise shone with the light of day, this sword emitted no light, and the darksteel hilt shaped like bats wings. The blade was like a shard of the night sky, and on it’s ivory-and-darksteel handle rested a twin to Sunrise’s crimson crystal. This was not a warrior’s blade, and so it was enchanted as to weigh less than a feather.

With his own weapon in tow, the Wizard left the royal palace without a word. This in itself did not cause a stir, as he had done so before to stay at a house to the south to study magic in isolation. But this time he went north. And he did not leave alone. 2 generals went north with him, each with a small number of troops. As the army was readying to also march north, this raised questions in court, but with the Wizard away, the court respectfully turned to the king. His answer was that his brother was merely going on ahead to the northern border forts, to prepare them for the main army’s arrival. But he too knew nothing of his brother’s actual purpose, and wondered at the goal of the trip north.

Despite missing the presence of both the high wizard and a third of its generals, the army began the march north. The journey north was uneventful, but they heard no word from neither the wizard nor the 2 generals. The land was otherwise peaceful, and the King’s army was greeted by merry villagers in all the towns they passed on the road north.

One night, as the army had set up camp and darkness was falling, the King sat alone in his tent, generals and advisors dismissed. As he sat down in his chair, he found his brother sitting next to him. Immediately calling for the guards, he stood and reached for his sword, only to find it missing. Pink butterflies flittered about inside the tent, obscuring his vision and befuddling his senses. The guards had not answered his call, and he could see no means of defending himself. The Wizard explained that he had not come to fight, but to give the King the chance to surrender before the Wizard’s rebel army arrived. The King refused. He was their king, he said, and they would give up their rebellious ways or be crushed. The wizard sighed, and vanished from the King’s sight, leaving a single purple butterfly behind. Bursting from his tent in a fury, the king ordered the whole army to search the camp, but the wizard was nowhere to be found. The next day dawned and the king’s scouts quickly discovered an army to their north. Identical to their own in size, and clearly led by the wizard and the 2 missing generals. Mobilizing his forces, the King intended to catch the rebels unprepared. However, they found the Wizard’s forces well prepared. The following battle lasted well into the night, and the night too was fraught with fights and skirmishes as both armies sought to outwit the other. Whenever one army looked to be breaking, the commander would appear and spur the soldiers on.

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